How to build dfu-util from source

Prerequisites for building from git

Mac OS X

First install MacPorts (and if you are on 10.6 or older, the Java Developer Package) and then run:

	sudo port install libusb-devel git-core


	sudo pkg_add -r git pkgconf

Ubuntu and Debian and derivatives

	sudo apt-get build-dep dfu-util
	sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

Get the source code and build it

The first time you will have to clone the git repository:

	git clone git://
	cd dfu-util

If you later want to update to latest git version, just run this:

	make maintainer-clean
	git pull

To build the source:

	./configure  # on most systems

If you are building on Mac OS X, replace the ./configure command with:

	./configure --libdir=/opt/local/lib --includedir=/opt/local/include  # on MacOSX only

Your dfu-util binary will be inside the src folder. Use it from there, or install it to /usr/local/bin by running "sudo make install".

Cross-building for Windows

Windows binaries can be built in a MinGW environment, on a Windows computer or cross-hosted in another OS. To build it on a Debian or Ubuntu host, first install build dependencies:

	sudo apt-get build-dep libusb-1.0-0 dfu-util
	sudo apt-get install mingw32

The below example builds dfu-util 0.8 and libusb 1.0.20 from unpacked release tarballs. If you instead build from git, you will have to run "./" before running the "./configure" steps.

mkdir -p build
cd libusb-1.0.20
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PWD/../build/lib/pkgconfig ./configure \
    --host=i586-mingw32msvc --prefix=$PWD/../build
make install
cd ..

cd dfu-util-0.8
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PWD/../build/lib/pkgconfig ./configure \
    --host=i586-mingw32msvc --prefix=$PWD/../build
make install
cd ..
The build files will now be in build/bin.

Building on Windows using MinGW-w64 from MSYS2

This assumes using release tarballs or having run ./ on the git sources.

First install MSYS2 from the MSYS2 installer home page.

To avoid interference from other software on your computer, set a clean path in the MSYS window before running the upgrade commands:


pacman -Su
pacman -Sy
Close all MSYS windows and open a new one to install the toolchain:

pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc
pacman -S make
Now open a MINGW64 shell to build libusb and dfu-util:

cd libusb-1.0.20
./configure --prefix=$PWD/../build
make install
cd ..

cd dfu-util-0.9
./configure USB_CFLAGS="-I$PWD/../build/include/libusb-1.0" \
            USB_LIBS="-L $PWD/../build/lib -lusb-1.0" --prefix=$PWD/../build
make install
cd ..
To link libusb statically into dfu-util.exe use instead of only "make":
make LDFLAGS=-static
The built executables (and DLL) will now be in the build/bin folder.

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